We are actively looking for domestic and international partners to spread the word and help distribute our popular ULTRA VP 4K 49" 120Hz Virtual Pinball Machine

International & Local Distributors Wanted

Growing demand for our ULTRA VP 4K 49" Virtual Pinball Machine confirms how popular Virtual Pinball is becoming (aka Digital Pinball, or Visual Pinball, or VPin). Most people don't even realize that Virtual Pinball is capable of recreating the true mechanical touch and feel of mechanical pinball machines, but without maintenance headaches and single game boredom.

We need your help to spread the word! We are looking for resellers worldwide who can showcase the ULTRA VP in their demo rooms and will make money in the process. 

If you would like to apply and receive more information about our Reseller Program (Terms and Conditions) please apply below...

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Reseller Application Contact Info:


Phone: +1 (614) 208-7780

WhatsApp: +1 (614) 208 7780 

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Recent News

We recently introduced v7.0 of our ULTRA VP Virtual Pinball Machine with additional enhancements. 

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