49" Virtual Pinball
- Demo Unit -

(only 1 available)
49" 1080p HD LED edge-to-edge LG Playfield
Includes 863 Pinball Tables

$3,695 (only 1 unit available) + Shipping

This virtual pinball cabinet is heavily discounted because it is our 1 year old showroom demo unit (yes, only one available until sold). It is pre-loaded with 863 pinball tables and ready to play. 1 Year Warranty included.

It features three coordinated LED display panels. A large 49" inch 1080p high definition, IPS quality, edge-to-edge bezel free Playfield, a 32" Hi-Def Backglass Monitor, and 19" inch full-color LED DMD display.

Your choice of licensed cabinet artwork is included. Over 100 artwork choices available. We also custom design to match your interior, favorite sports team, organization, etc... (a good example is our custom UNC Tar Heels design - scroll down to see ALL existing choices). We will contact you after you order to discuss your artwork selection.


Unlike other virtual pinball cabinets being offered with smaller displays, this 49" playfield features a true edge-to-edge high definition playfield without ugly bezels.

The backglass monitor displays the current pinball table game marquee in a stunning high-resolution image.

Our full color Dot Matrix DMD Display shows the score along with in-game information, animations, and graphics.

The RecRoomWorld Virtual Pinball Cabinet is fully compatible with 1000s of available virtual pinball tables, including all tables by Zen Studio™ Pinball FX, Virsual Pinball, and Future Pinball. You can either download them online, or order a fully compatible plug-and-play hard drive with over 800 pinball tables from an unaffiliated international partner site. 

Zen Studios™, one of the world's foremost virtual pinball developer offers licensed content from the biggest brands in entertainment— from classic Williams™ Pinball Classics, to incredible Star Wars™ and Marvel™ themed virtual pinball tables.

You are sure to lose track of time playing these immersive pinball tables!

Our 3 Channel Amplifier allows you to fine tune your playing experience with separate treble, bass, and stereo controls. It also features an easy to access volume knob. The backglass head features two High Fidelity Speakers for incredible rich sound that instantly makes you part of the action. The subwoofer gives you that impressive clear bass response. Audiophiles will love the dramatic impact it makes to the overall sound system and the added enjoyment to the pinball experience.
Grab the plunger and let it go, sending the ball rocketing to the top of the playfield.

This pinball cabinet is wrapped in a gorgeous semi-gloss, aqueous artwork print. You can choose from a wide variety of available designs or request a custom themed design to match your exact needs. Aqueous print coatings improve the durability of the cabinet and look beautiful.

Designed to last for decades, this CNC-cut pinball cabinet is made with ¾” plywood due to the superior durability and quality of solid wood.

The metal side rails, lock bar, coin door, and legs feature a gorgeous powdered coated finish which hides finger prints.

Unlike traditional pinball machines which are in need of constant upkeep and repair, these virtual pinball cabinets require no maintenance at all. As a result, they have a much longer lifespan than traditional pinball machines.

Our virtual pinball machine is commercial grade, designed to take the beating. Every part of the machine, including the screens and PC, are covered by a 1-year warranty, including phone support.

Sturdy Wooden box packing is included. We ship worldwide at very decent rates: 
Mainland USA Shipping - $400
International Shipping - $500
Local Delivery (within 200 miles of Columbus, Ohio) - $150
Free pickup in Columbus, Ohio

Your order includes:

- Pinball Cabinet
- 49" 1080p HD edge-to-edge LED Playscreen (high quality IPS screen)
- 32" HD Backglass Monitor
- 19" full-color LED DMD Display
- Windows based PC with Graphics Card
- Your choice of Side panel artwork (see choices below)

Optional Upgrades:
- Custom artwork available (surcharge applies)

Dimensions:   L: 53" x W: 27" x H: 74"

PRICE:  $3,295  + Shipping*  (only one demo unit available - will be listed until sold)
Lead Time:  Immediate (or 2 days if you want your artwork choice applied)

*Shipping will be calculated based on your exact location and invoiced seperately. This unit does not qualify for the free shipping (our current holiday special). Shipping will be invoiced seperately. Free pickup in Columbus, Ohio. 

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