49" 4K 120Hz
Virtual Pinball Machine

(Model 7.0)
Best FULL SIZE Virtual Pinball Machine

"Feels authentic, just like a mechanical Pinball Machine!" - Ryan D. 

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ULTRA VP Model 5.0 Video Review

Scantron 5K Vlogger YouTube Review (one of our customers in Florida) did a bang up job showing the uncrating and assembly process, internal components of the ULTRA, gameplay and much more in this comprehensive introduction to the ULTRA VP Model 5.0. This should be your starting point to fully understand why the ULTRA VP is the World's BEST Virtual Pinball Machine platform money can buy...

ULTRA VP Model 6.0 Video Review

This second video in Scantron 5K's series of review should be your second stop if you want to find out what differentiates the 6.0 model. You will see how we strive to improve our hardware from year to year in order to improve the player's experience. In this video he reveals the upgrades one by one and explains how they improve the overall gaming experience on the ULTRA VP...

ULTRA VP Model 7.0 Video Review

Last but not least, the newest 7.0 model released early 2023 has it ALL now, nothing is missing with the addition of the lock bar fire button, the integrated air fan, programmable mini buttons, and flipper LED buttons. Scantron's review illustrates these new additions in this YouTube video and provides you with a variety of air fan and fire button gameplay examples...

LARGEST industrial 49" 4K 120Hz UHD Playfield Monitor (LG brand)

Three (3) Industrial IPS Quality Monitors (not TVs)

Properly slanted Playfield (does not lay flat)

Full Size Wide-body Cabinet (27" wide)

Edge-to-Edge Bezel Free Playfield

Full Force Feedback enabled (DOF)
- 8 x Solenoids  with ON/OFF Switch
- 2 x Contactors  with ON/OFF Switch
- 1 x Shaker Motor  with ON/OFF Switch
- 1 x Gear Motor  with ON/OFF Switch

Digital Nudging

Analog Williams-style Plunger (enables skill shots)
Removable Plunger Knob (easy to attach alternate knobs)

Physical Tilt Bob (with ON/OFF Switch)

Physical Knocker (with ON/OFF Switch)

Game Controlled RGB LED Flashers & Strobes (with ON/OFF Switch)
Game Controlled Light Strips (under-cab and behind the backbox)

Police Beacons / Strobes / Topper Monitor (optional)

7.1 Surround Sound (for SSF enabled tables)

2 x Hi-Fi Speakers
Floor mounted fully-enclosed Subwoofer
4 x Full Sound Spectrum Transducers (Exciters)
2 x Bass Transducers (Bass Kickers)
3 x Amplifiers (Subwoofer, Treble, Bass, Volume Knobs)
1 x Master Volume Knob (front under-cab)

Lockbar Fire Button (DOF gameplay enabled) 
Integrated Air Fan (fully enclosed and insulated DOF game activated air fan)
Four programmable Mini-Buttons on the Coin Door
Color adjustable LED Flipper Buttons


Intel PC
nVidia Graphics Card
Windows 10 Pro OS


The ULTRA VP is the most advanced FULL SIZE  4K Ultra HD 120Hz (UHD) Virtual Pinball Machine and is compatible with over 1500 Visual Pinball, Future Pinball and Zen Studios Pinball FX Tables, and 1900 Music Videos Jukebox, all in a single unit. 

Just like the name implies, the ULTRA VP excels at everything it does. This incredible machine sucks you into the game with our advanced tactile feedback system (full force mechanical DOF enabled). You'll feel every knock, click and shake that you would feel on a mechanical Pinball Machine.

Grab a hold of the real plunger and let her rip! About to drain a ball? Go ahead and shove (nudge) the machine left or right for that last second death save, because our built in nudge sensor let's this virtual ball behave as if it was real (don't say anything, it doesn't know it's not a real ball). Unlike our competitors we use better control boards with an ultra sensitive accelerometer and a field of depth only achieved with properly recessed, edge-to-edge, properly slanted Playfield cabinet design. 

Our game-controlled RGB LED Strobes further suck you in with a stunning visual light show controlled by each individual game. It even features under-cab and backglass cabinet game-controlled DOF RGB LED strips (by default) and police beacons (optional).

Ball motion physics are ultra realistic and allows you to replay all you favorite pinball tables all in one single gorgeous pinball cabinet. You are sure to lose track of time playing these immersive pinball tables! 

We cannot emphasize this enough... this enhanced ULTRA VP Virtual Pinball Machine is compatible with thousands of Virtual Pinball tables* (Visual Pinball, Future Pinball, and Pinball FX tables). 

Your Choice of Cabinet Artwork is included. Or ask us to custom design to match your interior.

Showroom in Columbus, Ohio 43123 
(text or call us at (614) 208-7780 to make an appointment please)

L: 53" x W: 27" x H: 74" (Top Box Width: 32")
Height with Topper Monitor:   82"
Height with Police Beacons:  79"

Your Purchase includes...

Unlike other virtual pinball cabinets being offered with smaller displays, this 49" Playfield features a true edge-to-edge high definition playfield without ugly bezels (true edge-to-edge design) and excellent ultra high-definition 4K IPS quality. This is an LG industrial quality monitor, not a TV. 

The back-glass monitor displays the current pinball table game marquee in a stunning high-resolution image. This is an LG industrial quality monitor, not a TV. 

- 15.6” STERN-TYPE FULL COLOR DMD PANEL (Dot Matrix Display)
Our full color Dot Matrix DMD displays your score along with in-game information and animations. Our current model features a full cutout of that 15.6" display (Stern style).

8 x Solenoids (reproduces mechanical bumper and flipper sounds)
2 x Contactors (used for the Flipper Buttons - will not overheat)
1 x Shaker Motor (reproduces cabinet rumble - has an adjustable Intensity Knob) 
1 x Gear Motor (reproduces crane noises on the playing field with adjustable Intensity Knob)

- DIGITAL PLUNGER (Williams Style with removable Knob)
Grab the plunger and let it go, sending the ball rocketing to the top of the playfield. This digital plunger is a big improvement over analog plungers. Thanks to its sensor bar, it allows you to perform skill shots since the digital representation of the plunger reacts immediately with the slightest pull of the physical plunger.

The built in Accelerometer allows you to bump the table just like a mechanical table and the ball will move accordingly.

Slam Tilt enabled with our physical Tilt Bob mounted on the side wall of our cabinet. Comes with an easy to reach ON/OFF switch.

When the numbers match at the end of the game, our mechanical knocker will be triggered to the player know they won a free game. The knocker is a solenoid arranged to hit the side panel of the machine, so that it sounds different and louder than all the other noises. You can disable this with an ON/OFF switch positioned on the back door of the ULTRA VP

7 RGB LED Flashers (DOF game controlled)
Under-cab RGB LED lights (DOF game controlled)
Rear-cab RGB LED lights (DOF game controlled)   
Flashers and LED Strips can be turned off separately with built-in ON/OFF switches.

On/Off buttons to disable the LED Flashers
On/Off buttons to disable the under-cab and rear RGB Light Strips

Our three (3) Amplifiers allows you to fine tune your playing experience with separate, subwoofer, treble, bass, and stereo controls. It also features an easy to access Master Volume Knob underneath the front under-cab. Our 7.1 surround sound system is comprised of 4 x full spectrum sound transducers mounted on the inside walls, two bass transducers mounted on the inside floor board (front & back) and two high-fidelity speakers mounted under the back-glass, and a down firing sub-woofer (fully encased) for incredible rich sound that instantly makes you part of the action. You can hear the ball roll up and down the play-field and feel it hit the sides and bumpers, not to mention you really feel the ball drain when you lose a ball. Audiophiles will love the dramatic impact it makes to the overall sound system and the added enjoyment to the pinball experience (SSF enabled tables are fully supported).

Unlike many other Virtual Pinball Machines, the ULTRA VP utilizes a high quality built-in Subwoofers (mounted into the cabinet floor and fully enclosed). The Subwoofer gives you that impressive bass response that can be felt throughout the Cabinet. 

- DUAL COIN DOOR (with back-lit Coin Slots)
Fully functional and works with quarters and other currencies. LED back-lit Free Play Coin Button also included.

Easy to find back-lit LED buttons give you simple operation of the ULTRA VP on the front panel.

A back-lit Extra Ball button is included to allow you to continue a game that allows for buy-in extra balls. 

Located underneath the the front of the cabinet for easy access we have installed 6 easy to reach ON/OFF Buttons for your convenience. You can individually switch off features that you may not want, such as the Strobe Flashers, Solenoids, LED strips, Tilt function, Shaker Motor, etc...  the Main Power Cord is located in the back of the cabinet.

Located underneath the the front of the cabinet we have added a Soft-Shutdown Button to enable Windows to shutdown properly before you use the hard shutdown Power Switch. This extends the life of your internal components, especially the computer system.

Supports over 1300 visual pinball tables, including all tables by Zen Studio™ Pinball FX, Visual Pinball, and Future Pinball. For this unit we recommend using 4K Visual Pinball X (v.10 or above) and Pinball FX3 tables which provide full support force feedback! You can either download them online and install them yourself, or order a fully compatible plug-and-play hard drive from an unaffiliated international third party (details will be provided after we receive your order). New 4K DOF enabled tables added daily (over 1,300 tables high quality available). You can upgrade your hard drive to the newest version about every 6 months when they are made available.

This pinball cabinet is wrapped in a gorgeous semi-gloss or matte laminated aqueous artwork prints. You can choose from existing designs or request a custom themed design (+$250) to match your exact needs. Aqueous print coatings improve the durability of the cabinet and look beautiful (matte or glossy lamination available).

Designed to last for decades, this CNC-cut pinball cabinet is made out of sturdy marine grade quality ¾” laminated plywood (7 ply) giving it superior durability and strength of solid wood.

The metal side rails, lock bar, coin door, and legs are powder-coated with a textured finger print resistant black finish.

Unlike traditional pinball machines which are in need of constant upkeep and repair, these virtual pinball cabinets require no maintenance at all. The ball cannot get stuck, and there are no moving parts other than our cooling fans (which are easy to replace). As a result, they have a much longer lifespan than traditional pinball machines. We even offer and spare monitors and PCs at the time of purchase if you want to extend the lifespan even further.

Our virtual pinball machine is commercial grade, designed to take a beating. Every part of the machine, including the screens and PC, are covered by a 2-year Warranty.

Sturdy Wooden Box Packaging


- High-Performance Model -
Note:  120 FPS (Frames Per Second)

    System: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
    CPU: Intel i7 Processor
    RAM: 16GB DDR4 3200 (XMP memory)
    Graphics Card:  nVidia RTX3060, 12GB (GDDR6)
    SSD: 1 TB Solid State Drive (SSD)*

Price:   $8,995 USD   (FREE Shipping to mainland USA customers)
Call to order: 614-208-7780

- Police Beacons with Strobe   - Add + $95
- Topper Monitor with Police Beacons & Strobe  - Add + $295
- Flipper Contactors (default) to Solenoids Swap  - Add +$125

- Cup Holder (Right Side)   - Add $25
- Cup Holder (Left Side)     - Add $25
- Cup Holders (Right & Left Side)   - Add $45

- Other Spare Parts (see below)

- Custom Artwork Design   - Add + $250
(or select from existing artwork choices that are included in our base price)

MUST HAVE (highly recommended to avoid down-time)
- SSD Hard Drive Copy (Clone) with Cloning Station  - Add +$180

This covers support calls after your 2 year factory warranty expires)
- 1 Year extended Maintenance   - Add +$250*
- 2 Year extended Maintenance   - Add +$350*
- 3 Year extended Maintenance   - Add +$450*

*does not include parts and shipping

CANADA  -  $300
INTERNATIONAL  - $600  (Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, Australia, Russia, etc...) 

Turnaround Time:   30 - 45 days
We have them in stock at all times. The delay is to print and apply artwork and to test your unit. Please call us at +1 (614) 208-7780 to order.

Due to legal constraints here in the United States we cannot include any pinball table ROMS with our Virtual Pinball Machines. However, a 100% fully compatible plug & play SSD hard drive is available from an international third party for $150. It only takes a minute to install. We will provide those details after purchase.

**Zen Studios™, one of the world's foremost virtual pinball developer offers licensed content from the biggest brands in entertainment— from classic Williams™ Pinball Classics, to incredible Star Wars™ and Marvel™ themed virtual pinball tables.

Questions? Call us at 614-208-7780 or email  info@recroomworld.com


  • SPARE PART - 49" LG 4K Playfield Monitor (120Hz) - This is an optional replacement 49" LG 4K 120Hz playfield monitor panel for those of you who want to ensure the longevity of your investment, should the monitor fail down the road. Can also be ordered to upgrade existing 
    Price: $950 + S/H
  • SPARE PART - 32" LG Backglass Monitor - This is an optional spare replacement 32" LG backglass monitor for those of you who want to ensure the longevity of your investment, should it fail down the road.
    Price:  $350 + S/H
  • SPARE PART - 15.6" DMD IPS Monitor - This is an optional spare replacement DMD IPS monitor panel for those of you who want to ensure the longevity of your investment, should the monitor fail down the road.
    Price:  $220 + S/H
  • SPARE PART - Topper Monitor Kit - This is a complete topper monitor kit with driver boards and cable. Delivered together with an How-To Install Video Manual.
    Price: $345 + S/H
  • SPARE PART - Police Beacons Kit - This is a complete police beacons & strobe kit. Delivered together with an How-To Install Video Manual.
    Price: $149 + S/H
  • SPARE PART - ULTRA VP Controller Board - This is an optional spare replacement Controller Board for those of you who want to ensure the longevity of your investment, should the controller board fail down the road. 
    Price:  $245 + S/H
  • SPARE PART - 16GB RAM (2 x 8GB XMP memory) - This is an optional memory (RAM) upgrade for your ULTRA VP PC.
    Price:  $100 + S/H 
  • SPARE PART - High Performance PC - This is an optional replacement computer for those of you who want to ensure the longevity of your investment, should the monitor fail down the road. Ask us for a custom quote for the Performance and High Performance PC models.
    Price:  ask for a quote - varies based on current market prices

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We recently introduced v7.0 of our ULTRA VP Virtual Pinball Machine with additional enhancements.

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