43" Classic Upright MultiCade

Interchangeable 2-Player & 4-Player Control Panels
4-way/8-way TOP Switchable Joysticks
Ready-to-play 4100+ original Arcade Games
Windows 10 Pro brand name Tower PC
Your Choice of Artwork Wrap included

43" Classic Upright MultiCade - Starts at $3,995 + Shipping -

Relive over 4100 of your favorite Arcade Games on our large 43 inch classic upright Arcade Cabinet. These games are pre-installed, ready -to-play, original Arcade Games. They play exactly like you remember,not to mention, we also include a fully stocked Jukebox and realistic Pinball Games.

This new interchangeable control panel design embodies over 10 years of Multicade design experience, featuring many enhancements and advantages over competitive products.

Just to name a few, we include a counter mounted trackball (no screws to hurt your hand), sturdy keyboard tray with deluxe railings and push/release magnets, a precision-cut monitor bezel for easier screen cleaning, a Logitech subwoofer with powerful high quality 5" overhead speakers, and volume control extension with built-in headphone jack.

Unlike many competitive products using 8-way joysticks only, this Multicade features an all important set of 4way/8way switchable joysticks, enabling original game play the way each game was meant to be controlled. For example, Pac-Man wasn't designed to be played with an 8-way joystick, you need a 4-way joystick to prevent Pac-Man from getting stuck when you push the joystick at an angle. With our joysticks you can easily switch back and forth between 4-way and 8-way mode.

But best of all, we include two control panels for the price of one. Yes, you read it correctly, you are getting two (2) "Easy-Swap" interchangeable control panels, a 2-Player control panel with counter mounted screw-less Trackball and a 4-Player control panel. Our "Easy-Swap" design allows you to switch them out in a matter of minutes and will keep the cabinet looking sleek and elegant at all times. 

If we haven't convinced you that we are the very best at what we do, please consider our ability to create  great looking artwork for your Multicade. In fact, your choice of artwork is included in our prices. Hundreds of pre-existing choices can be found at the bottom of this page, and they can all be mixed and matched to your liking. If you prefer, we offer custom designed artwork to match your interior decor or desired theme. We even give you the freedom to create your own artwork, simply ask for our design templates (die-lines) and we will print and apply your own creations.

We also keep our software up to date by releasing new versions regularly. Ask us about our HyperSpin Console Edition which adds up to 18,000 console games to the already impressive standard arcade game collection.

Dimensions:  75" x W: 41" x D: 28"

Your purchase includes:

- New exclusive enhanced Design 
- No visible Screws
- Includes two (2) Control Panels
- 1 x 2-Player Control Panel with a large 3" counter-mounted Trackball
- 1 x 4-Player Control Panel (credit available if not wanted)
- 4-way/8-way switchable Joysticks
- 43" Flat Screen LED HD 4K TV Monitor
- Precision-cut Screen Bezel
- Deluxe 5" overhead Speakers with Logitech Subwoofer
- Volume Adjustment Extension
- Functional Coin Door
- Sturdy Keyboard and Mouse Drawer
- Deluxe Keyboard Tray Railing
- Magnetic Push & Release Keyboard Door
- Your Choice of T-Molding Color (black, red, blue, yellow, white, green)
- Your Choice of Button Colors (black, red, blue, yellow, white, green) 
- Windows 10 Pro Tower PC (brand name only)
- Pre-installed 4500+ ORIGINAL Arcade Games (original code)
- Pre-installed Jukebox with over 4100+ songs
- Pre-installed Pinball Games (HD graphics)
- HyperSpin Front-End & standard MAMEUI Front-End
- Your Choice of Side Panel Artwork
- Your Choice of 2-Player Control Panel Artwork
- Your Choice of 4-Player Control Panel Artwork
- Your Choice of Keyboard Door Artwork
- Your Choice of overhead Marquee Artwork
- 1 Year Warranty
- Lifetime Control Panel Hardware Warranty

Optional Upgrades:

- LED Trackball
- LED Buttons
- Spinner Knob(s)
- Racing Mini Wheel(s) for the Spinner Knob(s)
- Standard Light Guns
- Light Guns (standard or recoil)
- Light Gun Holsters
- Graphics Card (needed for modern console games)
- Chrome T-Molding
- Kickplate Artwork
- HyperSpin Console Game Upgrades
- Rear LED RGB Wall Glow Strip with Remote Control
- Cup Holders with optional Ashtray Cups
- Custom artwork design services
- Commercial grade Bar Stools

Pricing Options:
$4,295 + Shipping* including both 2-Player/Trackball & 4-Player Control Panels
$3,995 + Shipping* including the 2-Player/Trackball Control Panel only
$3,995 + Shipping* including the 4-Player Control Panel only

HOLIDAY SEASON SALE:  SAVE $250 - valid until November 15th, 2019

*Shipping will be calculated based on your exact location. Typical shipping fees run between $380 (midwest) to $450 (west coast). Free pickup in Columbus, Ohio (local delivery is $150 within 3 hour radius of Columbus Ohio)

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