2-Player Jamma Bartop

26" HD High Quality IPS Monitor
LED Trackball & LED Buttons
Premium Japanese Sanwa Joysticks
Backlit Marquee
Your Choice of Artwork included
Jamma Game Board Compatible

Worldwide Shipping Available

Our top of the line classic 2-Player Arcade Bartop features a much larger than usual 26" IPS HD display screen (industrial quality) and a LED backlit Trackball for games like Centipede, Marble Madness, Missile Command, etc...  LED Buttons are included, so is a working coin door (US quarters) and two premium Japanese Sanwa Joysticks. A backlit Marquee is also included with your choice of artwork (custom design available). Unlike many competitive products, this one offers two players more room to comfortably stand next to each while playing. You can easily switch out Jamma Game Boards* thanks to our large lock door on the back. 


- Large 26" horizontal industrial quality HD LED IPS Screen
- 2-Player Sanwa Joysticks (premium Japanese brand)
- 2" LED Trackball (RGB color rotating LED)
- Six backlit red LED buttons
- Six backlit blue LED buttons
- Coin Slot
- Your choice of side panel artwork
- Your choice of overhead marquee artwork.


- Custom artwork design

DIMENSIONS:  H 28" x W 28" x D 21"

PRICE:  $1,295 + Shipping*

*Shipping will be calculated based on your exact location. Typical shipping fees run between $200 (mid west) to $250 (west coast). Free pickup in Columbus, Ohio (delivery is $150 within 3 hour radius of Columbus Ohio). Shipping will be invoiced separately.

**Due to legal constraints here in the United Stated we cannot include any Jamma Game Boards with game ROMs. However, multiple 100% fully compatible plug & play Jamma Game Boards are available from an unaffiliated international third party for a marginal fee. It only takes a minute to install. We will provide those details after purchase. A sample game list can be accessed below.

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